Ecologi team up with Cassetteboy to urge COP28 leaders to keep up on climate action

Ecologi team up with Cassetteboy to urge COP28 leaders to keep up on climate action

Don't COP out.

The campaign, produced by Ecologi and digital provocateur Cassetteboy, mocks Rishi Sunak’s back-tracking on climate action, while thousands of UK businesses adopt new tools to accelerate decarbonisation.

“Thanks to me, the UK is too slow,” declares Rishi Sunak.

Having garnered hundreds of thousands of views across social media as the COP28 global climate conference prepares to get underway in Dubai, this video launches a nationwide campaign urging British businesses to accelerate decarbonisation in 2024, even if politicians don’t.

Ecologi team up with Cassetteboy to urge COP28 leaders to keep up on climate action

The viral film is set to the rhythm of hip-hop classic ‘Hot in Here’ and the lyrics read out: “It’s getting hot out there / inaction is what I chose / it’s getting so hot / you do something / I will not”. 

In this satirical spin, the lyrics have been reworked — using snippets from Sunak’s and other key figures’ recent speeches — to reflect the UK government’s failure to uphold climate commitments and recent reversal on green policies. The film also features ‘cameo’ appearances from Liz Truss, Michael Gove and David Cameron. 

As participants gather at COP28, the rallying call from Ecologi and Cassetteboy is clear for all attendees: Don't COP Out when it comes to prioritising taking action on climate change for our planet.

Ecologi team up with Cassetteboy to urge COP28 leaders to keep up on climate action

Adam Boita, Ecologi’s chief marketing officer, says "Communicating action on climate change is the defining communications challenge of our time. Our Don’t COP Out campaign deploys satire and wit to break down barriers, disarm, whilst delivering a much needed and important message to business. They don't have to wait for our government. They can join other like minded businesses already making a difference in accelerating global climate action reaping the benefits of brand reputation, customer engagement, employee motivation, revenue and the benefits for our planet."

A third of SMEs plan to increase spending on sustainability initiatives in the next 2 years

Earlier this year, Rishi Sunak’s government wound back a number of its climate targets, including the phasing out of fossil fuels, in its net-zero plan. In contrast, British businesses continue to make strides towards decarbonisation. Ecologi has seen a 287% per cent increase in demand for its free carbon accounting software since the start of 2023, as businesses plan for 2024.

According to Ecologi, there are 5.6 million private sector businesses in the UK, which emitted a total of 61.9 million tonnes of CO2e in 2022. SMEs make up 99% of this number, and are responsible for 50% of all business-driven carbon emissions in the UK. While the other 1% - large businesses - clearly have a responsibility to act, SMEs are often able to make changes to their operations more quickly, and collectively they can make a huge reduction in the UK's business-driven emissions.

Earlier this year, Ecologi polled 1,000 UK SME owners and decision makers, and the consensus around the benefits of taking climate action was clear: 76% agreed that having an environmental strategy is good for business, with a third planning to increase investment in sustainability over the next 2 years.

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