Get rid of your ex's baggage this Valentine's Day with Clear It Waste

Get rid of your ex's baggage this Valentine's Day with Clear It Waste

Guilty of holding onto baggage from your last relationship? One in four Brits (23%) hold onto their ex-partners belongings for 2-5 months.

Clear It Waste, London-based removal service, is now offering a ground-breaking solution for those drowning in the remnants of past relationships, with the launch of its Ex-cess Removal Service.

Say goodbye to love's excess baggage as Clear It Waste's Ex-cess, Waste Removal van will be weaving through London's streets, ready to whisk away the remnants of heartbreak. More than just a rubbish removal vehicle, it's the start of a whole new chapter of love!

Clear It Waste expected to pick up a whole array of items from lost loves this Valentine’s Day. A new study of 2,000 UK adults by Clear It Waste has revealed that the top items singles hold onto from their ex, including:

Big items such as the car / the house / etc (49%)
Pets (47%)
Items of furniture (23%)
Jewellery (20%)
Art / home décor (20%)
Tickets to future events - e.g. gigs/the theatre (17%)
Items of clothing (17%)
Their Netflix (or similar) logins (14%)
Electrical items (i.e. TV, stereo/music system, laptop) (14%)
Gifts you'd given to each other (9%)

Josh Clarke, founder and MD of Clear it Waste said: "Valentine's Day is about love, not lingering clutter from the past. With Clear It Waste's Ex-cess Waste Removal Service, we're empowering Londoners to let go of old memories and make space for new love and exciting possibilities.”

“At Clear it Waste, we’ve collected a wide array of items from all over London, from builders yards to fashion week, and we are expecting lots of items from loves lost in the week ahead of Valentine’s Day.”

“It's not just a rubbish removal service; we aim to assist in romantic liberation by offering city dwellers a brighter, clutter-free future. We look forward to helping Londoner’s move on into the next stage of their love lives."

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