Give a bat a home this Christmas with a ‘bat box office’

Give a bat a home this Christmas with a ‘bat box office’

NOW and the Bat Conservation Trust have joined forces in a bid to encourage Brits to channel their inner super heroes and give a bat a home this Christmas to help protect the UK’s declining bat population.

To coincide with the launch of The Batman on NOW, a limited-edition run of bat boxes have been designed and will be distributed for free, following advice from the Bat Conservation Trust that putting up bat box shelters in domestic gardens is one way to make them more bat-friendly.

As well as being the inspiration behind everyone’s favourite Gotham Super Hero, bats are one of the most endangered species in the UK, with six of our 18 indigenous species at risk of extinction. Bat populations are so low, that there’s just one known greater mouse-eared bat in the UK, and fewer than 1,000 grey long-eared bats, with their population fragmented across the country.

Designed to combat loss of habitat, one of the biggest drivers of bat decline, the exclusive ‘bat box office’ measures just 40cm x 40cm and is an exact miniature replica of a traditional cinema, featuring show lights, listings and six tiny roost seats.

The partnership between NOW and The Bat Conservation Trust was launched by #GriffTheBat – a rescue Noctule bat, who was sadly injured following a cat attack, and then rehomed by ecologist and bat rehabilitation expert Amy Schwartz.

Joe Nunez-Mino, Director of Communications at Bat Conservation Trust, adds: “We’re encouraging nature lovers across the UK to help their local bat populations by installing a bat box. Providing a safe environment for bats to roost helps ensure the survival of these wonderful creatures that are part of our natural heritage.”

100 cinema-themed bat boxes, created in partnership with the Bat Conservation Trust, are available to claim for FREE – simply apply here. NOW has also made a donation to The Bat Conservation Trust, the funds from which will be used to support the National Bat Helpline, which provides emergency services for bats and people who find injured, orphaned, or grounded bats.

Jamie Schwartz, Director of Brand, Marketing & Merchandising at NOW said: “Batman is one of our most loved super heroes and now it’s our turn for action and to help fight this great British cause.”

The Batman, starring Robert Pattinson in the dual role of Gotham City’s vigilante detective and his alter ego, reclusive billionaire Bruce Wayne, is newly available to stream with a NOW Cinema Membership.

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