Heineken launches the world’s first beer insurance policy and beer-resistant poncho

Heineken launches the world’s first beer insurance policy and beer-resistant poncho

We’ve all been there.

You’re in your local watching your national team play in a major tournament with a freshly poured pint in hand. Then something happens in the match – like the star striker unexpectedly hitting one top-bins from 30-yards - and the pub erupts. You accidently spill half your pint in the commotion, and simultaneously the person next to you spills half of their pint all over you.

And there’s plenty of corroborating data. It’s estimated that the UK spills almost 11 million pints every year during major sporting events – enough to fill over two Olympic swimming pools*.

Thank goodness then for Heineken®, who have come to the rescue in the form of HeineCare – the world’s first beer insurance scheme to protect football fans against unexpected spillages. Put simply, if your beer (and that’s ANY beer) gets spilt in the pub crowd commotion at participating venues, you can get a replacement in the form of a pint of Heineken or Heineken 0.0. Completely. Free.

What’s more, and to celebrate the launch of the HeineCare Beer Insurance, Heineken® has also gone and dropped what might be the football fashion piece of the summer. Forget about nostalgic 90s football shirts and bucket hats, because this June (and hopefully July), it’s going to be all about… the Pint-cho.

Developed by Amsterdam-based designer rainwear brand Rainkiss, the Pint-cho is a super lightweight, achingly cool beer-resistant poncho that protects fans from spilled beer. Available in two stand-out colourways, Heineken® green and a retro kit-inspired white version (complete with blue and red shoulder stripes), the Pint-cho is everything traditional Ponchos are not.

Unlike conventional single-use ponchos which are devoid of any colour, stylistic integrity or design, the Pint-cho is a loose-fitting, semi-structured three-quarter length garment made from 100% certified recycled polyester, that can be used time and time again. 20 bottles are recycled to make one poncho - a far cry from what is usually handed out at drizzly fan zones.

And it’s the unique fisherman jacket-style hood that really stands out. Developed to give full head and neck coverage, it comes with an ever-so-slightly ridiculous built-in peak that extends out beyond the forehead. The easy-to-use toggle and drawstring system allows for ample adjustment and adds an extra element of style too.

Heineken launches the world’s first beer insurance policy and beer-resistant poncho

The Beer Insurance Plan is running across five pubs in five major UK cities - London, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and Newcastle - and the beer redemption mechanic is as straightforward as it comes. If someone’s fallen victim to an accidental spillage, all they have to do is scan a QR code that can be found on bespoke beer mats and posters in participating pubs. This will take them to the HeineCare homepage where all they’ll have to do is input some basic information. They’ll then instantly receive a voucher to show to bar staff to claim their replacement pint.

Participating pubs will have a limited number of free Pint-chos available for punters to get their hands on, and a limited batch will be also available for people to win via social media (@heineken_uk on Instagram). Adding to the fun, various celebrities, football luminaries and high-profile influencers will be sharing content of themselves in their own Pint-chos, circumventing spillages, throughout the tournament.

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