HSBC, Revolut, Monzo and the changing face of banking creative

HSBC, Revolut, Monzo and the changing face of banking creative

New adverts from HSBC and Revolut appeal to a younger, more tech-savvy consumer.

HSBC and VML Omnicom Media Group have released a 45-second advert cut to reflect the pace of modern life, entitled ‘Life is Rarely a Straight Line'. The ad is part of the bank's broader campaign to highlight the unpredictable and non-linear nature of life. Its visual storytelling depicts the twists, turns, and unexpected events that people experience throughout their lives.

By showcasing various scenarios where plans change and people adapt, HSBC aims to convey its understanding of customer's needs and its commitment to providing support through these changes.

The take-home message of the advert is that HSBC is a reliable partner, ready to help customers navigate the complexities of life, offering financial products and services that can adapt to life's unpredictable nature.

Meanwhile, Revolut and After Party Studios have released ‘All Eyes on Revolut ft. Munya Chawawa’.

The campaign features the popular British comedian and satirist, known for his socially aware content.

The advert promotes Revolut's range of financial services and products, including its app functionalities, international money transfers, spending analytics, cryptocurrency trading, and more.

The adverts from HSBC and Revolut follow a recent campaign from Monzo, which was the subject of a recent interview in this very title.

Our take

There’s a sea change happening in financial advertising. The days of appealing to humble family folk and pensioners seem to be off-trend as high production values, fast editing, humour, and even a touch of surrealism define the modern banking aesthetic.

The new look isn’t all for show, however. The world of banking is now very much online, with apps, cryptocurrency options, and payment terms adapted to young upstarts being the norm.

The above ads are a sign of the times, then, and aimed at gaining a younger audience’s...interest.

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