ICYMI: Heineken's The Dilemma, friends or football?

ICYMI: Heineken's The Dilemma, friends or football?

Friends or football?

What would you choose? 

Depends on how much of a die-hard footy fan you are I guess, but in the case of four friends from Rome, this hypothetical became a very real dilemma.

Back in 2016, Polina Zabrodskaya at Publicis Italy (now creative partner at AMV BBDO) came up with a genius, on-brand stunt with Heineken and the UEFA Champions League that not only resulted in 8 million views but generated a few laughs too.

The friends had an agreement. They were committed to watching the Champions League together on the sofa together—no matter what. NO MATTER WHAT.

When one of the four was offered a VIP ticket to see Roma vs Real Madrid live, he, well, let's just say he was easily persuaded.

But when he is sitting comfortably in his seat at the stadium and sees himself beamed onto the big screen, the true horror of that decision is clear and for the whole world to see. Awkward doesn't cover it.

His three friends, faithfully observing the tradition, tell him that he can still make amends as there is a helicopter waiting to take him back to the sofa - where he belongs.

Reluctantly and clearly under a mountain of pressure from booing fans, Simone rises from his seat to head away from the live match and back to his friends' sofa. Gutted.

The cameras follow him to a door, emblazoned with the Heineken logo and reveal not the helicopter but the friends - and the sofa - so they can all watch the match together, live—with a bottle of Heineken in hand, naturally.

Covered in 52 countries, with a list of awards as long as your arm and 8 million views, it was a huge success. 

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