ICYMI: Nike's 'Musical Chairs'

ICYMI: Nike's 'Musical Chairs'

Competitive, in every sense of the word.

Once again, I'm supposed to be writing Work Of The Week (I know, easily distracted) but following a conversation with Paul Shearer, Wunderman Thompson's CCO global clients (and legend), my mind was diverted to an ad he was involved in creating as part of the 'Play' campaign back in 2001. 

It elevates Nike's playful nature (and inherent brand confidence) by taking a well-known children's party classic and applying it to an NBA game. There's lots of running, a competitive vibe and, obviously, a lot of Nike trainers in shot.

It's actually competition, within a competition and perfectly Nike.

When the keyboard music stops we realise musical chairs has started. It's like we've all been let in on a little secret.

The unassuming and now slightly anxious-looking NBA player and the fan attending the game (who mistakenly went to buy popcorn at just the wrong time) become engaged in a run-off, where they are both scrambling to find the last seat. Panic ensues.

Although only a 90-second spot, within it we are given such a clever storyline, and characters we buy into (we're willing them on to find the last spot aren't we?) all wrapped up in a narrative that is wholly Nike.

Add to that the understated humour casually sprinkled over the top of the whole thing (an essential ingredient along with the element of surprise) and this is a classic I will happily tell everyone about.

Editing Company: Whitehouse Post
Production Company: 
Partizan Los Angeles
Production Company: Traktor
Agency Producer: 
Tieneke Pavesic
Agency Producer: 
Annabelle Meyer
Creative Director:
Paul Shearer
Creative Director: 
Sebastian Stagno
 Carlo Cavallone
Art Director: 
Alvaro Satomayor
Sound Design Company: 
Scramble Sound
Account Executive: 
Alexandra Pageau
 Russell Icke
Editing Company Producer
: Jane Dilworth
Ulf Johansson, Traktor

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