Meta Quest partners with PUMA to create “The World’s Smallest Gym”

Meta Quest partners with PUMA to create “The World’s Smallest Gym”

Fitness is front-of-mind and intentions are good, but the world, the weather and the crowds are conspiring to keep us couch bound. Meta Quest and PUMA are partnering to change that with the launch of The World’s Smallest Gym, using Meta Quest 3’s Mixed Reality and PUMA’s sporting credentials to create limitless workout possibilities in a 2m x 2m space.

Designed to specifically launch at the moment the January gym rush falls off a cliff, The World’s Smallest Gym presents a perfect alternative to keep us moving.

The fully immersive, mixed reality experience will be at the PUMA flagship store, The East Side Mall, and The Mall of Berlin until the 3rd of February. The public is invited to sign up for a 15-20 minute trial of the variety of immersive fitness applications on the Quest 3. Guests will be able to choose from a range of experiences, including boxing, HIIT and Zumba, in a specially designed 2m x 2m space.

Meta Quest partners with PUMA to create “The World’s Smallest Gym”

For Meta Quest and PUMA, the partnership is a beautiful intersection of tech and fitness that aligns with both businesses.

The campaign, launched with PUMA athlete, and NBA superstar Dennis Schröder, demonstrates how the Quest 3 can supplement his training and projection media that brings to life the tiny space needed for your own World’s Smallest Gym.

The live events are realized by BBDO Germany and AMV BBDO London, and accompanied by a media mix ranging from wild postering, to editorial partnerships and social media through influencer partnerships and the shareable content from training sessions. Responsible for the creative storytelling for the influencer partnership was Granny & Spark.

“This is a dream collaboration between two iconic brands in their fields. MR has the ability to change the way people work out, making it more accessible, more fun, and easier to stick to, but at its core, it’s still a sport. And January is the perfect moment to capitalise on the incredible energy people have for fitness but solve some of the barriers we all face in a way that’s fun and famous.”, said Jonathan Deeb, CCO at BBDO Germany.

This campaign was led by Meta Reality Labs Marcom and in-house creative agency Creative X, in partnership with BBDO Germany & AMV BBDO and Unit9, that managed creative and production respectively. Innovision was responsible for event management, while Segmenta communications, MSL and Berk were responsible for press relations.

Meta Quest partners with PUMA to create “The World’s Smallest Gym”


Client: Meta
Meta Quest 3
Campaign title:
The World’s Smallest Gym
Meta In-House Creative Agency: Creative X – Jorge Calleja (Executive Creative Director), Stephania Silveira (Group Creative Director), Robbin Ingvarsson (Group Creative Director), Ronnie Vlcek (Creative Director), Jo Hirst (Program Manager), Sofia London (Program Manager) and Pascal Meline (Program Manager)
Meta In-House Media: Bea Frigerio
Meta In-House Influencer Marketing: Bukunmi O-Thomas
Meta In-House Event Marketing: Katy Cooney
Creative Agency: BBDO Germany and AMV BBDO
Agency CEO: Kathrin Jesse
Agency CCO: Jonathan Deeb
Agency Creative Director: Erin Conboy, Niall Cruickshank-Sutton, Maciek Kozina, Michael Jones and Thomas Hazledine
Agency Creative Team: Shivani Shah, Kate Ross, Daryl Berndt, Lisa Glonti, Daria Witte, Matt Lebedev, Vito LaBrocca, Lukas Reubelt, Dillon Harland, Javier Auguste
Agency Planning Team: Annika Plaggenborg, Laura Müller, Miljan Djokic
Agency Account Team: Amina Malik, Galina Koreneva, Dorothy Tang, Christian Krull, Jean Reichert, Christian Emme, Alex Sandford-Smith
Agency Producer: Alexander Geier, Claudia Weingart, Ian Whittle
Media Agency: Spark Germany
PR Agency: Segmenta communications
Influencer Agency: Granny
Production Company: UNIT 9

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