Never Stop Listening: Marshall collaborates with cultural pioneers to promote its new portable speaker

Never Stop Listening: Marshall collaborates with cultural pioneers to promote its new portable speaker

Rock 'n' Roll has been at Marshall’s core for over 60 years, proving that it's more than just a music genre – it's a state of mind.

To celebrate the launch of Middleton, Marshall has partnered with four cultural pioneers to amplify their voices and share a moment in time.

The latest campaign features Seb Murphy, Efron Danzig, David Yang, and Sophi St. Louis, alongside the new portable speaker, Middleton.

Produced by creative studio (and longstanding Marshall partner) DOGEATDOG and directed by Kevin Castanheira, the campaign follows trailblazers who each bring their authentic selves - and portable Middleton speaker - wherever they go, showing that with Marshall, no matter who they are or where they are, they ‘Never Stop Listening’.

Director and photographer Kevin Castanheira has worked with Marshall and its creative director A.M.Sekora for over 8 years and across multiple campaigns. Over the years they’ve developed a trust and common understanding of what the brand stands for and where it’s going, making space for exploration and pushing the creative further.

Castanheira chose to shoot on multiple formats including 35mm, 16mm, and digital video,  incorporating analogue post production techniques. He worked closely with post studio Ana Projects who used methods including physically scratching into the film, hand drawn animation, physical manipulation of the film negative that were used to create an authentic aesthetic for an iconic brand steeped in heritage.

"After years of collaborating with Marshall, I find it really exciting that we still manage to challenge each other to level up and grow in new ways. The development of the aesthetic for this campaign was a refreshing process for us - working with new ambassadors in a very different way - and it threw us all out of our comfort zones. It was a more in-depth, time consuming and granular evolution, that ultimately lead us to a new look and feel. This new visual language allowed us to bring to life the brand’s rule-breaking DNA and capture our talent - most of whom are fresh to the commercial world - in a way that honours their creative forces. Looking forward to our continued creative partnership with such an iconic brand like Marshall.” said director Kevin Castanheira.


Client: Marshall Headphones 
Creative Director: A.M. Sekora
Associate Creative Director: Garry Dalzel 
Production Company: DogEatDog 
Director / Photographer: Kevin Castanheira 
Executive Producer: Harvey Ascott
Producer: Campbell Beaton 
Production Manager: Natalie Uglow 
Production Coordinator: Lydia Martland 
Service Company: Robot
Executive Producer:
Liam Johnson 
Edit House:
Jo Lewandowska
Charles Gamble 
Ale Dordoni 
Post Producer:
Carla Thomas 
Grade House:
Jonny Thorpe 
Music Supervisor:
Matthew Lawrenson 
Sound Design and Mix:
Raphael Ajuelos 
Developing and Scanning:
Cinelab Film and Digital 
Animation and VFX

Ana Projects 
James Siewert
Film Stock:
Provided by KODAK

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