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Our Top 5 Creative Moments for October | Creative Moment

Our Top 5 Creative Moments for October

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Our Top 5 Creative Moments for October

What? Is it November already? How did that happen? Wake us up when Brexit is over!

Meanwhile, back in the land of the creatives, many exciting things happened in October.

Here are five completely different features, voted your favourite last month, ranging from the sublime Hungry Puffs campaign to help food-deprived kids, to the also sublime Royal Marines Commandos ad.

1. Hungry Puffs

With one in five children in Western Australia being food-deprived, asking shoppers to buy Hungry Puffs to support them made something out of nothing, literally. A brilliant initiative by Hungry Puffs to raise money for food-deprived kids reviewed by Matt Wilcock

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2. Wellness

A successful new wellness product needs to make people feel they are not just being kind to themselves, but to the planet too. Laura Thomas discusses the ins and outs of marketing in the wellness sector

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    3. Guardian

    As well as this simple yet engaging film, the campaign includes outstanding typography in its print executions. Andy Mackenzie gives five stars to this Guardian ad

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    4. Lego

    A campaign all about recycling Lego you already have and unleashing the power of your, and your kids’, creativity. Hopping onto the environmental bandwagon, in a good way, Kevan Barber looks at this Lego plan to encourage recycling

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      5. Marines

      This ad showcases the incredible stealth of Royal Marines Commandos, emphasising the strapline ‘It’s a State of Mind’. Kev O’Sullivan is impressed by their
      surreptitious approach...

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