The world’s youngest exercise influencer team remind adults to exercise for how it makes them feel – not how it makes them look

The world’s youngest exercise influencer team remind adults to exercise for how it makes them feel – not how it makes them look

Remember when we exercised just for fun?

In recent research, ASICS found that 63% of adults admit the main reason they exercise is for physical gain and 77% of adults say they don’t look forward to exercising and see it as a chore, while 77% of children say the main reason they exercise is for fun and 92% of children aged 6 to 11 say they enjoy exercise.

So counterbalance traditional exercise influencers, who can compound how adults see exercise as serious and about physical gains, ASICS has created the Little Reminders - the world’s youngest exercise influencer team - on a mission to remind adults to move for how it makes them feel; not how it makes them look.

Our 7 and 8 year old influencers - Tillie, Hiba, Joash, Imuujin and Henry - are taking over adult exercise to remind the world how exercise can make us feel. From a front cover takeover of Men's Health, to OOH to hijacking the streams of some of the biggest exercise influencers with their child-created workout guide.

To launch the campaign ASICS asked a group of adults and children, aged 6-8, why they exercise, and the gap between them is stark.

The Little Reminders campaign continues ASICS’ brand mission to celebrate the power of movement on the body and on the mind.

Gary Raucher, EVP, ASICS EMEA, said: “Sadly, as we get older, the focus of exercise is all too often on physical gain and performance. So instead of exercise being a way to release pressure and help people feel better, the exercise world often adds to the pressure. We want to change that. We hope that our new Little Reminder recruits can help remind us all of the real power of exercise and encourage us to move for our minds, not just out bodies.”

Alex Wood, Executive Creative Director, Golin, said.In our overly serious sports culture, exercise influencers can demotivate the average person. Seeing someone doing 1,000 pullups on Insta just reminds most people of what they can’t do. By positioning children as exercise influencers, we hope to disrupt this world a little – bringing the joy back and reminding everyone how movement used to make us feel. Ultimately, there are no rules to follow,”


Executive Creative Director: Alex Wood
Creative Director:
Elliot Riordan
Kirsten Young
Le Pub

Integrated campaign created by Golin, Vigilante on film, Le Pub media buying.

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