You can do it: B&Q aims to silence doubt and inspire action with new OOH

You can do it: B&Q aims to silence doubt and inspire action with new OOH

Leading DIY retailer, B&Q launches its latest out of home series with a new campaign from Uncommon Creative Studio that revitalises B&Q’s iconic trademark ‘You Can Do It’ – a slogan that has played an integral part in the brand's heritage.

Since its inception, B&Q has been a brand that believes you can do it. B&Q’s Slice of Home Life report revealed that 80% of people want to make changes in their homes, but only 36% feel like they can actually do it. With people having less time, less money, less motivation, and more worry about what could go wrong, the iconic words play an important role in empowering those embarking on their home improvement journeys, giving them the confidence to tackle their DIY projects.

The outdoor suite is confident in its design – stripped back using the brand’s iconic orange against dramatised images of B&Q’s products paired with witty copy and clever art direction.

The work features close-ups of everyday DIY items photographed as large eerie objects, acting metaphorically as people’s DIY doubts and fears. The tools are styled and shot to be perceived as heavy and intimidating – but the hopeful copy juxtaposes this reality.

You can do it: B&Q aims to silence doubt and inspire action with new OOH

The effect created through the pressurising photography is then offset with delicate typography, toying with the functionality of the tool photographed. Tension is developed between the two emotions, silencing the doubt, boosting confidence, and empowering the nation to pick up their tools and take action as the voice of doubt is loud, but a power drill is louder.

The images were shot by returning and renowned photographer James Day. Day is best known for his brand and editorial work that has been featured in The New York Times, The New Yorker Magazine and Wallpaper.


Project Name: You Can Do It
Client: B&Q
Creative Studio: Uncommon Creative Studio
Photographer: James Day
Photographer Agent: Siobhan Squire
Media Agency: Dentsu

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