Our Top 5 Creative Moments for September

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5 - Samsung appears to turn off TVs during ad breaks, saving viewers the bother

Someone had an idea to promote the Samsung QLED set; turn off people’s televisions while they are watching them. From this, #tvblackout was born.

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4 - Did Harvester’s 35th birthday trigger a mid-life identity crisis for the brand?

The big idea came from research that uncovered a ‘worrying phenomenon’ whereby fans were taking to social media to vent their Harvester FOMO (Fear of missing out) when discovering friends and family had made a trip there without them. But did their campaign appeal to it's true fans? 

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3 - Did HECK sausages create the ugliest football kit in Britain?

A year ago HECK Sausages unveiled what the media dubbed “the ugliest football kit in Britain” as part of its sponsorship of North Yorkshire’s amateur side, Bedale AFC.  To be fair, the news reports at the time were spot-on. It was the ugliest football kit in Britain, adorned with layer upon layer of (you guessed it) sausages. 

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2 - Why we almost loved Nike's Nothing Beats a Londoner campaign

Set on the streets, barber shops, pitches and ice rinks of London, the advert saw young kids from all walks of life trumping each other’s biggest worries; the ad voiced it all. But although the diversity edge was strong, did this campaign pack a punch?

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1 - Combining children, creativity and technology: BA’s billboard campaign

Developed by Ogilvy, the brand experience uses surveillance technology (designed exclusively for this campaign) to track aircraft and interrupt the digital display as they pass above the site. This then presents a small child pointing at the plane overhead accompanied by the destination it’s arriving from. Wow, huh?

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