The Top 10 Creative Moments of 2018

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The Top 10 Creative Moments of 2018

Welcome to The Top 10 Creative Moments of 2018!

We have showcased so much great work on these pages since we launched, it is hard to pick just ten as the absolute best of the best. 

In order to make our selection, we have taken our five-star reviews, as rated by our contributors, and matched them to our most popular stories voted by our readers, to come up with the Top 10 Creative Moments of 2018!

So which is your favourite? 

Do you give a thumbs-up to Vodafone’s campaign, where thumbs looked suspiciously like penises? 

Or are you a big fan of Iceland’s banned campaign highlighting how palm oil production is bad for the environment? 

And lest we forget… the way that the end of World War One was commemorated brought many a tear to many an eye.

Looking back, 2018 wasn’t so bad after all. There was some brilliant creative work done by some brilliant creatives, plus a new online magazine was launched to showcase all this talent. 

We feel it’s a good time for us all to give ourselves some pats on the back!

1. How Vodafone's CGI thumbs looked like penises

Three CGI campaigns were reviewed including Vodafone's happy ‘thumbs’. Except… ahem… they look nothing like thumbs. 

By Carla Greco.

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2. Diversity is the word in these latest collaborations between Smirnoff and LADbible

Smirnoff wants to drive positive change in our UK nightlife and its "Free To Be" campaign has a number of brilliant activation's. 

By Shirin Majid.

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3. Was Banksy's shredded picture a PR stunt, art terrorism or does he want us to question the value of art itself?

Is Banksy the Barnum or Copperfield of our age? He certainly seems to knock other “anti-establishment art terrorists” into touch with this stunt. 

By James Gordon-MacIntosh.

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4. When Wrong is Right: How the banned Iceland ad is a great success story

The advert featured a beautifully rendered film made by Greenpeace, but what’s it got to do with Iceland? 

By Nik Govier.

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5. Amazon Prime's ads show how binge watching TV 'stays with you'

Four fantastic, humble and fun stories about how Amazon Prime shows might affect ordinary people. 

By Oli Francis.

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6. How Billie's #ProjectBodyHair campaign celebrates female body hair

Why Billie's Body Hair campaign has exposed the clash of the real world versus mainstream brands still embracing the perfectly polished look.

By Leila Mountford.

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7. New York Public Library grabs attention with this novel idea

The New York Public Library created a series of novels for Instagram Stories, turning its 'Highlights' feature into a digital bookshelf. 

By Tom Lawless.

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8. Gal-dem plays the ultimate chess move by partnering with the Guardian to bring its content to a wider audience

For perhaps the first time black women are being celebrated and recognised as a collective in mainstream media, and it all began with the gal-dem Guardian takeover. 

By Kim Allain.

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9. A faultless campaign for Cadbury’s Roses

How Cadbury's marketing team renewed a brand legacy after a 20 year break. 

By Graham Hinton.

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10. How the nation remembered our World War One heroes

A look back at a few of the creative projects that have helped millions to connect with the real stories of the people that were part of WWI. 

By Matt Wilcock.

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